FCL “Rules at a Glance”

FCL “Rules at a Glance”

Stick & Knife Fighting Point Fighting Rules
(No Warnings – All Fouls are One Point)

Two Minutes running time. Competitor with the most points at the end of Two Minutes, is declared the Winner.

Legal Targets:
The Entire Body – Head, Arms, Legs, Torso, Hands, and Foot Note: Parrying your opponents Stick away with your Free Hand is Legal. If a competitor falls to the ground the action can continue for three seconds allowing either competitor to score.

Illegal Targets:
No direct contact to the Front of the Neck, No striking to the Groin or Spine, No Thrusting techniques to the Face or Head.

Illegal Techniques:
No Open Hand techniques, No Punches Allowed, No Kicking, No Grappling techniques.
No use of Punyo or Butt End of the Stick, No Grabbing. All OF THESE ARE ILLEGAL TECHNIQUES.

One Point– Arms, Legs, Torso, Hand, and Foot
Note: The Competitor who drops his or her Stick deemed by the Center Judge or by majority of Referees receives One Point:

Two Points – Head Strikes Note: The Competitor who disarms his or her Opponent deemed by the Center Judge or by the majority of Referees receives Two Points.

Legal Scoring Techniques:
Striking with padded end of the Stick, Striking with ONLY One Hand on the Stick, Thrusting techniques to the Body ONLY. Solid Striking or Thrusting techniques should be Scored, Glancing blows “Nicks” are up to the discretion of the Referees.

Stick Size:
Youth Divisions – 10 & Under – “Short Stick” – Up to 24 inches,
Junior & Adult Divisions – “Long Stick” – Up to 28 inches.
Currently, the ONLY Approved Sticks for FCL Competition are “Action Flex” Sticks.

Any Questions Please Contact: Datu Tim Hartman