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Meet the Host: Datu Tim Hartman

Get ready to experience the thrill of the 2025 World Filipino Martial Art Championships, hosted by none other than Datu Tim Hartman. With a rich legacy in the martial arts sports community, Datu Hartman is a renowned figure whose expertise spans from scorekeeping and judging to hosting martial arts tournaments. His journey began in the early ’90s, marked by a series of successful events that showcased his organizational prowess. Among his notable achievements is the Buffalo – Niagara Laban Laro, celebrated as one of North America’s longest-running Filipino martial arts tournaments. Hartman’s skills as a judge have taken him across six countries, establishing him as a highly respected head official in the global martial arts scene. His extensive experience and dedication make him the perfect host for this prestigious event, promising to elevate the 2025 Championships to new heights and making it a landmark tournament in the world of Filipino martial arts.

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